I Shan Liou

Web developer | Illustrator
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I am a web developer with a background in Fashion Design and also an amateur illustrator. With my design experience, I enjoyed working with design software and web technologies that enhance the user experience of creative platforms and interfaces.
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Skills and Technologies
HTML | CSS | JavaScript
Frameworks and Libraries
React | Node | jQuery | Express | Bootstrap
Illustrator | Photoshop | Sketch
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Farty Fart
HTML | JavaScript | CSS | jQuery | Illustrator

Two players, each to pick farty foods. The more you pick FARTY FOOD , the more you fart! Pick smart, pick quick and fart BIG!

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Puppy Buddy
React | HTML | JavaScript | CSS | Gumgum Design System | Dog CEO API | Illustrator

Puppy Buddy is a photo collection of 86 dog breeds that you can browse on the website. Also, if there is any sub breed, you can filter the photos by sub breed.

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Parket Parks
React | JavaScript | Node.js | jQuery | Express | MongoDB | Bootstrap | National Parks API

A pocket parks app where you can browse all the National Parks informations and add your comments.

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Ruby on Rails | HTML | Bootstrap | PostgreSQL

Exploring the world in one place...

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Node.js | Express | JavaScript | HTML Canvas | MongoDB | Giphy API | Bootstrap

A sketch app where you make a drawing/sketch based off a random prompt from Giphy images.

Check it out! | See it on Github!