I Shan Liou

Web developer | Illustrator
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I am a web developer with a background in Fashion Design and also a amateur illustrator. With my design experience, I am enjoy working with design software and web technologies that enhance the user experience of creative platforms and interfaces.
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Skills and Technologies
HTML | CSS | JavaScript
Frameworks and Libraries
React | Node | jQuery | Express | Bootstrap
Illustrator | Photoshop | Sketch
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Farty Fart
HTML | JavaScript | CSS | jQuery

Two players, each to pick farty foods. The more you pick FARTY FOOD , the more you fart! Pick smart, pick quick and fart BIG!

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Parket Parks
React | JavaScript | Node.js | jQuery | Express | MongoDB | Bootstrap | National Parks API

A pocket parks app where you can browse all the National Parks informations and add your comments.

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Ruby on Rails | HTML | Bootstrap | PostgreSQL

Exploring the world in one place...

Check it out! | See it on Github!
Node.js | Express | JavaScript | HTML Canvas | MongoDB | Giphy API | Bootstrap

A sketch app where you make a drawing/sketch based off a random prompt from Giphy images.

Check it out! | See it on Github!